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Yum yum !!! - Charlie and the Chocolate Factory' resources!

Welcome to Dexter Mail Issue #10
Happy Easter everyone, and welcome to the last Dexter Mail of the term! It's packed with announcements and goodies so read on!

Teacher's Pet and Purple Mash!
We are very very excited to announce that Teacher's Pet and 2Simple have now begun working alongside each other! Teacher's Pet will now be creating artwork for use in the incredibly popular Purple Mash activities!

Visit 2Simple and Purple Mash online and keep your eyes peeled for the first activities VERY soon!

Charlie and the Chocolate Factory!
As our regular users and facebook followers will know, Christina has been working incredibly hard creating a large range of Roald Dahl's "Charlie and the Chocolate Factory" resources.

Click here to visit the collection of display resources and click here for our premium activities!

Friday Freebie!
Every week we will be giving newsletter subscribers an EXCLUSIVE resource that won't be available to download on our websites! This week's free resource is 'My Storyboard' - designed to help children get creative with story telling!

Download not available in web version...

The Queen's Jubilee!
June is fast approaching along with her majesty the Queen's Diamond Jubilee celebrations!

If you are planning on covering this with your class then we have got you covered. Over the weekend we will be uploading a wide range of Queens Jubilee resources to both the displays and the activities websites!

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