Tuesday, 10th May 2011, Teacher's Pet Newsletter: Issue #2

Welcome to 'Dexter Mail' issue #2!

cakeWelcome to the second edition of 'Dexter Mail', the monthly newsletter from Teacher's Pet. In this issue we will cover some of the exciting projects that are currently under development as well as updating you on the latest resources available across our websites.

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Coming very very soon!!!

A brand new website from Teacher's Pet - The Teacher's Pet BLOG!

dexpencilWe have been hard at work over the last couple of weeks, on a new website to add to our existing collection. A brand new community blog!

The site is almost ready for launch and we have some fantastic writers who shall be blogging on a weekly basis about different aspects of education.

Currently confirmed are:

Mark Warner from Teaching Websites who will be posting about the latest educational goodies from around the web.

Chris Thorne from Mr. Thorne Does Phonics who will be sharing some of his latest videos on phonics as well as lots of hints and tips on the application of phonics in the classroom.

Michael McHugh, a trainee teacher who will be blogging about the trials and tribulations of being a student teacher.

Ian Addison who will be blogging about his specialist subject: ICT in education, bringing you the latest and greatest ICT resources and reviews.

Christina Mountford, the queen of Teacher's Pet, who will be blogging about her latest Teacher's Pet resources as well as digging up some of the older resources as they become relevant for the time of year!

Jason Loftus (me!) I'll be bringing you a series of blog articles under the title 'Fly on the wall'. I'll be filling you in on behind the scenes news direct from the Teacher's Pet Office as well as giving you sneak previews of anything im developing for the Teacher's Pet websites.

But that's not all! Do you have a specialist subject? Or think you have an idea for an article that the rest of the Teacher's Pet community would find interesting? Then get in touch via our contact page with your ideas and suggestions, we have one spot left for a resident writer on the blog, it could be you! We will also review any article ideas you may have if you would prefer to submit only the occasional blog post.

Either way, get in touch!

IWB Resources under development!

Coming this summer... IWB Resources and Educational Games!

landingpageYes, ANOTHER website is under development.

Our 'Interactive White Board & Educational Games' resource website is under development and we hope to have it online for you over the Summer break.

Unlike our existing resource websites, our IWB and games resources will be created by me rather than Christina (although I'm already receiving strict direction on the resources!) and I am pleased to say that the resource creation is already underway so that when we launch we will have a collection of games and IWB resources ready to use!

If you can't wait until Summer though, don't worry. I have released a game for you to try out, so you can get an idea of what to expect.

The game is called 'Balloon Burst' and can be played by clicking here. There are two versions of this game- one that aims to improve your pupil's keyboard skills and one that aims to improve their mouse skills.

In the run up to launch I shall be releasing videos showcasing games and resources that I am working on. I shall be doing this via our upcoming blog and our popular facebook page. Make sure you keep an eye on both of these to see what's being developed.

Latest Resources ready for download!

'Knights & Castles', 'Nocturnal / Diurnal Animals' and Traditional Tales.

Christina has been working hard to upload resources based on a large amount of suggestion emails for the topics of 'Knights & Castles' , 'Nocturnal / Diurnal animals' and 'Traditional Tales', use the links above to download these latest resources now!

Keep an eye out for resources on the following topics over the next month:

'Seaside', 'Rainforest', 'Recycling' and 'Habitats'

Well, that's it for another month. Don't forget to like us on facebook and follow us on twitter to receive daily news and updates about Teacher's Pet, for information on the launch date of our blog and to see videos of the IWB resources as they are developed.

Thanks for reading!

The Teacher's Pet Team!


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