Thursday, 2nd June 2011, Teacher's Pet Newsletter: Issue #3

Welcome to 'Dexter Mail' issue #3!

cakeWelcome to the third edition of 'Dexter Mail', the monthly newsletter from Teacher's Pet. May was a exciting month for Teacher's Pet, we have both been extremely busy working on resources and development, not to mention that May saw the launch of the Teacher's Pet Community blog!

It's half term at the moment and Christina has thrown away her to-do list. Instead YOU are deciding what resources she makes! Read on for more info...

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Launched this month!

The Teacher's Pet Community BLOG!

dexpencilLast month we announced that we were locked away in the office working hard to add the finishing touches to our community blog and 2 weeks ago we were finally ready to launch. With content from our brilliant team of writers the blog has been extremely popular! (we even had to upgrade our hosting package to cope with the traffic!)

Already there are some fantastic posts on the blog, whether you are looking for links to useful online resources or whether you are a trainee teacher looking for comfort in the words of someone going through the same experience. The Teacher's Pet Blog has got it covered.


This weeks teaching discoveries

Posted on 31/05/2011 by Mark Warner


Isle be a musician one day

Posted on 30/05/2011 by Ian Addison


Say Farewell to the ‘To do List’

Posted on 29/05/2011 by Christina Mountford


Farm animals, a pirate & some milestones

Posted on 28/05/2011 by Jay Loftus


You did really well, but...

Posted on 26/05/2011 by Michael McHugh


Keeping it fresh! For newbies & veterans

Posted on 25/05/2011 by Chris Thorne


Wear what you choose for taps & loos

Posted on 24/05/2011 by Christina Mountford



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Christina's half term challenge!

This week 'YOU' choose the resources

landingpageAs a change for this week and as a bit of a challenge for Christina she is going to be doing things a little bit differently.
The ‘to do list’ is going in the drawer this week and she is going to leave the decision making up to you. Every day this week you get to decide what resources she will be producing…

Every night @7pm, using either Facebook or Twitter tell Chistina what resources you want making and the first 5-10 each day will get their ideas brought to life within 24 hours.

So if there’s a resource that you are desperate for in time for your new topic after half term, whether it be a display, teaching aid or activity then make sure you tweet us @TeachersPetUk or comment on our Facebook wall.

It’s first come first serve so get your request in early each day to make sure you don’t miss out! On Wednesday night ALL of the slots were allocated in less than a minute! So make sure you are online with your request at 7pm on the dot!

Christina is currently on day 5 of the challenge, below are some of her favourite resources, as suggested by our followers.

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