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Welcome to Dexter Mail Issue #5
Hi there, and welcome back to Dexter Mail.

This issue covers a few important announcements such as Jay coming onboard full time with Teacher's Pet and the Teacher's Pet blog being back online!

Also, this newsletter will no longer be a monthly newsletter it will now be more of a weekly bulletin to keep you informed on upcoming resource topics and anything else happening in the world of Teacher's Pet.

Welcome Aboard Jay!
That's right, Jay has joined Christina on Teacher's Pet full time having resigned from his full time job a couple of weeks ago. We hope that by having all his time to concentrate on Teacher's Pet that we can expand our network of websites and ensure services such as the blog and this newsletter are regularly updated!

The Teacher's Pet Blog is BACK!
The Teacher's Pet blog was relaunched this week and is being updated daily, the blog was initially launched in May last year but it proved to be a bigger commitment than we originally thought, but with Jay onboard full time we can now ensure that the blog is updated with new posts on a regular basis!
Come and have a read!

Super Science Sunday!
We noticed that the science categories have been rather neglected across our websites so we thought we would rope you in to help with that! Every Sunday at 7pm we will take 10 requests for science resources which will then be uploaded over the course of the following week. Read the blog post to find out how to get involved!

Find us on Pinterest!
Last week we discovered Pinterest and are now well and truly hooked! Read Christina's post over at the blog to find out just what pinterest is, how to use it and how we will be using it. We apologise now for any pinterest addicts we create but we just had to share this wonderful service!

Read the blog post for more info!

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